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Who is Lunar Chic

Our Design Inspiration

Our clothing was inspired by the search for a peaceful night of sleep.  We looked for a comfortable and attractive pair of pajamas.  All we could find was frilly little outfits, teeny-bopper jammies or granny gowns.  None of these connected with our life or spirit, so we decided to design our own.

We wanted clothes that would be functional AND fashionable in a breathable natural fabric.  Our search for the perfect fabric led us to Bali.

About our Unique Batik Fabric

Our current line of clothing is made from 100% natural, breathable cotton trimmed in dyed to match rayon in an exclusive design that is intended to work with a woman's natural temperature changes.  Our fabric is dyed in small batches in the traditional batik process by our good friends in Bali.

Batik (pronounced Bah-teek) is an ancient artisan printing process that is inspired by nature in distinctive patterns and prints.  This process employs the use of stamping the fabric by hand and dying it using vibrant colors.  Some of our fabrics also use the traditional screen-printing process. Since no two fabrics are exactly the same, each piece of clothing is as unique as the woman who wears it.